White jersey jacket à la Claire Shaeffer

This project was long time coming. I purchased the fabrics in Fabricville over the years, then in 2018 I did a blog post for Fabricville featuring Claire Shaeffer’s jacket pattern. And then it all came together – the fabrics, the patterns, the mood.

White jersey jacket

First of all, I simplified the pattern and eliminated the pockets. Second, I raised the gorge and extended the lapel. Third, I added 2 deep pleats to the sleeve. Forth, I did not use sleeve and bottom hem facings.

Padstitching the lapels to organza interfacing

To put the jacket together, I used synthetic organza as interfacing. Pad stitched the lapels. For the rest of the garment, there are no interfacings, as the fabric is fairly stable and has a good hand. The buttonholes are all handmade. It took me about 1/2 hour for each of them.

Handy markings on nail to maintain consistent distance from the edge

The trousers are self-drafted. By Maya’s request, I made a 10cm wide contoured waistband.

Maya wears white jersey jacket à la Claire Shaeffer and turquoise cotton twill trousers

Photos 2 and 6 courtesy of Christine Ball.

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Fabricville x Jalie = Lace Bomber Jacket

A casual bomber jacket in chic lace fabric – how does it fit in a curated wardrobe? Is it a piece that you would reach for time and time again, or is it a once-in-a-while kind of garment, which is hard to pair with other clothes? Upon completion of this sewing project these were exactly the questions that me and my lovely half had to find answers to.

I could smell the spring in the air, and that meant for some meaningful wardrobe renewal. My spouse Maya was talking about this sporty / casual / easy look of the bomber jacket. We have tried countless iterations from cheap $10 garments to some in the hundreds of dollars. There was always something off: too blouse-y, too cropped, too long, too tight, wrong colour or fabric quality.

Lace, Jersey, faux leather and other goodies